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The best straw for the environment is No straw!


At the Coach House Brightlingsea we are working towards a sustainable future, through menu options, the increased use of plant based menu items, reducing sugary drinks, eliminating waste by limiting the opportunity to waste.

Our plant based, dairy free dishes are becoming more popular, no Vegan titles or pidgeoning holeing more and more people are eating plant based food as part of their diet, if you haven’t already, give them ago, fresh, homemade, nutritious and very tasty.

We have over the past year reduce our weekly landfill waste to around 40 kg and we aiming by mid October 18 to be single use plastic free, we have been using paper straws and compostable coffee cups and takeaway packaging for around a year, but remember the best way to avoid is to use keep cups relax and have a sit in coffee or meal. The best script I have read on straws is in a nut shell the best straw for the environment is no straw! Use what you need and and you will help us to continue to reduce our waste.

We have by putting our menus on blackboards reduced paper waste a simple move but a good one, we use induction jobs so we only use the energy when we need it, we are following the ECC living well initiative providing healthy low fat low calorie menu choices reducing dishes (sorry no chips) of course if you have a cake and hot chocolate we highly recommend a brisk walk along the sea wall when you have finished.

We will keep yip upto date on our progress
CH Team

The best straw for the environment is No straw!